User Conditions:

Under Indiana's Access to Public Records law, all existing public documents or records of a public agency must be made available to the public, unless the document or record is specifically excluded from disclosure by law. However, the Access to Public Records law does not require an agency to create public documents or records in a particular format for the sole purpose of providing the information to others.

The Professional Licensing Agency recognizes that having occupational license data available in a list format can benefit public health, educational, and professional development needs. Therefore, as a discretionary service to the public, the Professional Licensing Agency, through, makes occupational license data available to download in a list format.

As a condition of receiving information from the database, the Customer warrants and represents that Customer is aware of, and will comply with, all applicable federal and state laws and regulations regarding access to, or use of, any and all information, databases, programs, or other products to which access is provided by or through Customer acknowledges that access to the data purchased on is given only for purposes and uses permitted by law

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