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Individual Provider

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Business Entities

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Provider Agreement

This agreement outlines the rights and responsibilities of Participating Entities in the ESA program.
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Provider Handbook

The Provider Handbook is the official resource for individual providers, business entities, and schools providing educational services to Eligible Students participating in the Indiana Education Scholarship Account Program.
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Provider Eligibility Checklist

Individual providers will be required to provide an active professional license along with any other certifications they may hold to verify their ability to provide the services they have indicated on their application.

For example, for individuals wishing to participate as tutors, an Indiana state teaching license or a bachelor's degree in a related field is required.

Entities will be required to submit the follow with their application:

  • Proof of business registration in Indiana
    • Copy of business license, articles of incorporation, LLC documentation, non-profit charter, etc.
  • Proof of all accreditations that they may hold upon application, if applicable
  • List of all employed providers with the following:
    • Employee full, legal name
    • Employee Certification and/or Professional License Number(s)
    • Employee National Provider Identifier (NPI)*

*NPI will not be required from businesses not accepting insurance.

Additionally, businesses with multiple service locations must submit separate applications for each location.

Qualified Schools will be required to provide the following with their application:

  • Proof of accreditation
  • School Identification (ID) number
  • Copy of tuition & fee schedule
  • Copy of discount policy

They will also need to designate a single person to act as a representative during the application process.

Public and Charter schools that would like to offer individual courses, programs, or extracurricular activities will be required to provide their school number upon application.

*Students may not be enrolled in the public school or public charter school as a full time student

Types of Providers and Qualified Expenses


  • Qualified schools
  • An individual tutor or tutoring agency
  • An individual or entity that provides a service or therapy to a student with a disability as part of their individualized education program or service plan
  • An individual or entity that offers a course or program to an eligible student
  • Entities that provide student assessments

Qualified Expenses

  • Educational services
  • Tuition and fees at an approved non-public school
  • Private tutoring
  • Paraprofessionals or educational aides
  • Services or therapies as prescribed
  • Tuition and fees to attend training programs and camps focusing on vocational, academic, life, independence, or soft job skills
  • Services contracted for and provided by an approved charter, magnet, public or non-public school, such as individual classes, extracurricular activities, or additional programs, resources, or staffing as part of the student’s IEP or ISP
  • Fee for service transportation to and from approved provider
  • Fees for certain student assessments and examinations
  • Fees for the management of the Indiana ESA account

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