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Crowdfunding - Invest In Indiana

Crowdfunding is an online money-raising strategy that began as a way for the public to donate small amounts of money, often through social networking websites, to help artists, musicians, filmmakers and other creative people finance their projects. Through Indiana’s new crowdfunding rules, small businesses and entrepreneurs are able to tap into the “crowd” in search of investments to finance their business ventures.

Hoosier entrepreneurs and Hoosier investors can now connect for the first time to finance start up business over the Internet. Entrepreneurs can raise up to $2 million and investors can invest up to $5,000 in a new start up opportunity.

  1. Click here to read press release regarding Indiana crowdfunding
  2. Click here to read Indiana's crowdfunding rules.
  3. Click here to read Indiana's crowdfunding law. [IC 23-19-2-2 (27)]
  4. Register a crowdfunding offer (Registration Form)
  5. Register an offer under 23-19-2-2(26) (Registration Form)
  6. Register as an Internet web site operator (Registration Form) [IC 23-19-2-2 (27)(O) & IC 23-19-2-2.3]
  7. Internet Web Site Operator Bond Form
  8. Invest Indiana Crowdfunding Checklist
  9. Invest Indiana Final Report of Sales
  10. Registered Internet Web Site Operators
  11. NASAA Crowdfunding Resources

Submit all forms and direct any questions to:

Daniel Spungen
Chief Deputy Securities Commissioner
Indiana Secretary of State, Securities Division
302 West Washington Street, Room E – 111
Indianapolis, IN 46024
(317) 232 – 6681