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Plates On-Demand

Plates on Demand Login

How to Print Temporary Plates (with screenshots)

Through the Plates on Demand program, automotive dealers can access and print motor vehicle and trailer interim license plates online at their dealerships as needed.

Plates on Demand has been designed to work with Windows Operating System 7 or higher, Firefox 4.0 or newer, Safari 4.0 or newer, or Google Chrome 28.0 or newer.

Have a question about the program? Contact us.

Dealer Account Helpline: 317-576-2568  

Important Notice

A request to increase your interim plate limit may take several days to approve.

Please make a request to increase your limit as soon as you become aware that you may need more. In most cases an audit is necessary to increase your plate limit. Interim plate limits reset annually on your license expiration date.

To request an increase in your interim plate limit, you can use State Form 56140  or submit a request online through your dealer portal. A help guide is available here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my dealership does not have Internet access?

If you do not have Internet at your dealership, you may either seek out an offsite source of Internet/printing (e.g. a public library) or simply opt to not offer interim plates to your customers.

What is the cost for vehicle interims plates under Plates on Demand?

The cost is $3 per plate.

You may pay for interim plates with a credit card or a guaranteed e-check.





E-CHECK (MAX $2500)

Who can have access to the Plates on Demand system?

Our system allows the following user roles access to Plates on Demand:

  • Primary User
  • Administrator
  • Finance/Sales
  • General Plates
  • General Plates and Office

Each employee that will access Plates on Demand for your dealership should have their own log-in information. Plates on Demand logs which user issued each plate. Accounts should not be shared.

More information on user roles is available here.

How should I print the interim plates for my customers?

Interim license plate should be printed on white paper with black ink. Select “Actual Size” in Print Options when printing.

Some dealers opt to provide weather protection for the plate (plastic sleeve, lamination, etc.), but this is not required.

How should a customer display the vehicle interims plate on their car?

Interim plates must be displayed:

  • in the same manner as a metal license plate; or
  • affixed to a window on the left side of the motor vehicle facing the rear of the motor vehicle in a way that is clearly visible and unobstructed.