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Motor Vehicle Advisory Board

The motor vehicle sales advisory board (“MVAB”) was established by Ind. Code § 9-32-10-1. The advisory board is composed of the secretary of state and eleven (11) persons appointed by the governor upon the recommendation of the secretary. Under Ind. Code 9-32-10-8, the advisory board is vested with the following powers:

  • To consult with and advise the secretary.
  • To suggest rules, including the following:
    • The contents of forms.
    • Methods and procedures for the investigation and evaluation of the qualifications of applicants for licenses.
    • The criteria upon which to issue, deny, suspend, and revoke licenses.
    • Procedures for the investigation into and conduct of hearings on unfair practices

The composition of the board is dictated by Ind. Code § 9-32-10-2. The board’s current members are:

  • Indiana Secretary of State Diego Morales, Chair
  • Franchised New Motor Vehicle Dealers
    • Thomas Kelley - Kelley Automotive Group
    • Mark Fuson - Fuson Automotive
  • Automobile Manufacturing
    • Rachel Hazaray - Subaru of Indiana Automotive, Secretary
    • Steve Hartwig - General Motors
  • General Public
    • Sen. Jim Arnold
  • Used Motor Vehicle Dealer
    • Fritz Kruetzinger - Fritz Motors, Vice Chair
    • Mike Hamilton - Curtis Motor Sales
  • Used Motor Vehicle Auction
    • Robert Hockett - Indianapolis Car Exchange
  • Automobile Salvage and Recycling
    • Mike Hierholzer - Ray’s Auto Parts
  • Open Position
  • Recreational Vehicle Industry
    • Ken Eckstein - Mount Comfort RV

Next MVAB meeting: TBD

Policy: Electronic Participation in Motor Vehicle Sales Advisory Board Meetings