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Transport Operators

You need a transport operator license if:

  • You are an Indiana business that furnishes drivers and operators for the purpose of transporting motor vehicles in transit from one (1) place to another by the drive away or tow away methods.
  • You need a transport operator license if you are an Indiana business that prepares newly purchased motor vehicles of the business and delivers the motor vehicles to the locations where the motor vehicles will be based, titled, and registered.

We encourage those wanting to obtain their transport operator dealer license in the State of Indiana to review the applicable state statutes (Indiana Code 9-32) and administrative rules (Indiana Administrative Code Title 75)   regarding dealer licensing. Indiana statutes and rules can be found on the General Assembly’s website at

Please be sure to fill the application out completely and submit all required documents with the application. Failure to include required information or documents can delay the processing of your application. The license application must be completed by a dealer owner or dealer manager.

Required Documents

Online application available at

The following must be submitted with the completed application.

  1. Background Check
  2. Business Entity Documentation (INBiz)
  3. Certificate of Insurance
  4. License Fee
  5. Copy of Photo Identification

*Background check results more than 60 days old at the time the application is submitted will not be accepted.


  1. Transport Operator Application Guide
  2. Report a Plate as Lost, Stolen, or Mutilated
  3. Request Additional Plates (within your existing limit)
  4. Request a Plate Limit Increase
  5. Request Replacement Plates
  6. Transport Operator Renewal
  7. Update Insurance



Phone: 317-234-7190

Dealer Account Helpline: 317-576-2568

Law Enforcement Advisory – Expiration Date Shift

Your renewal date may shift as part of the transition. Please review the below renewal schedule (effective July 1, 2021):

Transport Business Name Begins With

Plate Expiration Date


February 1st


March 1st


April 1st


May 1st


June 1st


July 1st


August 1st


September 1st


October 1st


November 1st

Non-alpha (number or symbol)

November 1st


December 1st


January 1st