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Audit information

Dealer Audits

The Auto Dealer Services Division may schedule a dealer audit for any number of reasons, including:

  • In response to a request for an increase in your dealer plate limit.
  • In response to a request for an increase in your interim plate limit.
  • In response to a consumer complaint.
  • As part of the license approval process to ensure your location is sufficient.
  • As part of a request to change your dealer location to ensure your location is sufficient.

While some audits (e.g. license applications) will almost always require an examiner to visit your dealership, our office also frequently conducts what we call “desk audits.” In “desk audits,” our examiners will ask you for copies of deal jackets and other documents via email in lieu of an in-person audit.  They will then review the submitted information from their home offices, saving both parties valuable time. If you receive a request from our office to email any documents and want to verify that the request is from the Auto Dealer Services Division, you can:

  1. Cross check the email sender in the request email against the information on our contact us webpage; or
  2. Email the Deputy Director, Kyle Bonick, at, who can verify that an examiner did send the request.

If an onsite audit does need to be conducted, you can follow the same steps as above as well as ask for the Examiner’s credentials when they arrive at your dealership.

What to Expect During an Audit

The Auto Dealer Services Division wants dealers to feel prepared and confident when it comes to any audit our office performs. We have prepared the following guides to help make our process as transparent as possible:

Our office is required to notify dealers three (3) days in advance of an audit. Please note this requirement does not apply to audits conducted as part of an investigation (e.g. we have received a complaint about that dealer).