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If your business has been administratively dissolved for more than 5 years, it cannot be reinstated. Please visit and conduct a business search to determine the date your business was dissolved and if you are eligible for reinstatement.

Reinstatement Process:

File on INBiz to save time, money, and avoid rejections. Online filings are processed significantly faster than paper requests.



Paper Filing Instructions:

Most paper reinstatements are rejected. Filing on INBiz helps ensure acceptance.

  1. Certificate of Clearance
    1. To request a certificate of clearance by mail, submit forms AD-19 and ROC-1 to the Department of Revenue.
  2. Reinstatement
    1. You must submit the following to the Secretary of State to reinstate by paper
      1. Certificate of Clearance
      2. Completed Application for Reinstatement SF 4160
      3. Completed Business Entity Report SF 48725
      4. Filing Fees (on SF 4160 and SF 48725)

Foreign entities must also include a certificate of existence from their home state

Paper Forms

AD-19 Affidavit for Reinstatement of Domestic Corporation (SF 49514)

AD-19 (2) Affidavit for Reinstatement of Foreign Corporation (SF 49707) 

ROC-1 Correct/Change of Responsible Officer Information (SF 52039)

Indiana Business Entity Report (SF 48725)

Application for Reinstatement Foreign Entities SF 4160

Application for Reinstatement Domestic Entities SF 4160