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Business Forms

Secretary of State forms are NOT for use by Insurance Corporations or Financial Institutions.

Please contact the appropriate state agency for filing instructions.

  • Indiana Department of Insurance:  (317)-232-5692
  • Indiana Department of Financial Institutions:  (317) 232-3955

For-Profit Corporations (Domestic)

For-Profit Corporations (Foreign)

Non-Profit Corporations (Domestic)

Non-Profit Corporations (Foreign)

Professional Corporations

Limited Liability Companies (Domestic)

Limited Liability Companies (Foreign)

Limited Partnership (Domestic)

Limited Partnership (Foreign)

Limited Liability Partnership (Domestic)

Limited Liability Partnership (Foreign)

Series Limited Liability Company (Domestic)

Series Limited Liability Company (Foreign)

Withdrawal of Filing (Domestic)

Name Reservation

Registered Assumed Business Name

Governing Person or Address Change

Registered Agent or Address Change

Articles of Correction

Business Entity Reports



Cross-Species Merger

Interest Exchange