Business Entity Report Filing

Enter the name or control/packet number of the entity for which you want to file.



  • NOTE: Use of words such as "The," "Inc," or "&" will increase the search time required. Use of common words like "Indiana," "Association," and "Midwest" will increase search time as well.

    Other Search Tips

  • When you enter a business name and click on the search button, you will receive entity names that match your search criteria along with name type, entity type and the city/state. Select an entity from the resulting list to view additional information, including entity full address, control number, status, entity creation date, entity expiration date (if applicable), entity inactive date (if applicable) and any other names for the entity. The third screen will contain more detail information, including registered agent, principals, transactions made with the Secretary of State's office, and corporate report information.
  • If you search by control or packet number and an exact match is found, you will be taken directly to the current information page for that entity.