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Data Reporting Committee Agenda
August 16, 2016

Indiana Government Center South Conference Room 1
9:00 am

I. Welcome

A. Chair

II. Review of Agenda and Minutes

B. Chair

III. Focus Topic 1 Update: Health Reporting Requirements

A. Joint Dept. of Education/Dept. of Health Presentation: i. Jolene Bracale (Dept of Education: Program Coordinator for Student Health Services) & David McCormick (Dept. of Health: Director of Immunizations)

IV. Focus Topic 2 Update: "C" Collection Update (Certified Employee reports, the Certified Personnel reports, and the Course Completion reports)

A. Michelle Tubs (Dept of Education)

V. Focus Topic 3 Update: Finance Reporting Requirements

A. Mike Moore (Dept. of Education) & Tim Schultz (State Board of Education)

i. Data Sharing between the Department of Education and the Department of Local Government Finance

VI. Future Discussion Items:

A. Technology issues: making SIF and school corporation systems work together;

B. Revisit Prior Discussion Items for Final Report:

i. Annual School Performance Report (APR);

ii. Consolidate Discipline Data Collection;

iii. Student Residence Data Reporting;

iv. Combine the Membership, Special Education, and Language Minority Collections