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IC 5-11-1-9 gives the SBOA the responsibility for examining all accounts and all financial affairs of every public office and officer, state office, state institution, and entity receiving public money. The State Examiner in accordance with IC 5-11-1-7 may authorize or designate an Independent Public Accountant (IPA) to perform these examinations. If the SBOA engages or authorizes the engagement of a private examiner to perform an examination, the examination and report must comply with the requirements established by our agency as set out in uniform compliance guidelines applicable to the unit type being examined.

Our department continues to perform the examination of the majority of units of government that we are statutorily tasked to perform. However, certain unit types are primarily performed by private examiners. These include: county and city hospitals, housing authorities, charter schools, and non-governmental entities receiving governmental assistance. We retain oversight responsibility for audits performed by private examiners and, therefore, are involved in all stages of the process including the approval of auditor selected, review and approval of the engagement letter, review of draft audit reports, and a quality control review of the final audit report. Once the quality control review has been completed, the report is filed on our website as a public record.

For more information regarding requirements specific to a type of unit, refer to the following pages:

For more information regarding private examiner requirements, refer to the following manuals:

Overview of the Audit Coordination and Administration Process

Internal Control Standards