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Our Responsibilities

The SBOA has many statutory requirements. These include, but may not be limited to:

  • IC 5-11-1-2: Formulate, prescribe, and install a system of accounting and reporting.
  • IC 5-11-1-4: Collect financial reports annually from every state or local government unit, entity, or instrumentality.
  • IC 5-11-1-6: Formulate, prescribe, and approve the forms for reports.
  • IC 5-11-1-9: Examine all accounts and financial affairs of every public office and officer, state office, state institution, and entity.
  • IC 5-11-1-24: Establish in writing uniform compliance guidelines.
  • IC 3-12-10-8: Conduct any recount or other contest proceeding ordered by the state recount commission.
  • IC 35-44.1-1-3: Collect all Conflict of Interest Statements from State and Local Government Officials.

The following are audits required/approved: