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03/30/23 Reporting of Federal Awards of Component Units for GAAP Audits

06/09/21 Indiana State Board of Accounts Receives National Award

10/21/19 Criminal investigation launched after Greenfield administrators overpaid $651K

10/17/19 SBOA Press Release - Inaugural class to The Indiana State Board of Accounts Hall of Fame

10/01/19 State auditors raise more questions about Martinsville chief, payment to employees

09/03/19 Floyd County Auditor facing fines, criticism

07/31/19 Former Guthrie Township Trustee Arrested on Official Misconduct, Theft Charges

07/10/19 State wants $40 million back from two virtual charter schools

07/05/19 Township trustee owes taxpayers $56K after helping relatives, audit shows

06/12/19 Indian Creek Schools investigated, $5K missing over 4 years

04/30/19 Hill seeking $183K after ex-Whiteland fire official's theft

03/12/19 Wolcottville clerk asked to repay $47,000 by state

03/07/19 Audit: Former Evansville State Hospital employee cashed agency checks for personal use

02/28/19 Records: Martinsville Police Chief collected $8,316 in excess overtime, sick pay

02/28/19 Patriot Fire Chief Charged with Theft, Official Misconduct by State


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07/17/23 GAAP Reporting for Opioid Settlement funds

07/12/23 GAAP Reporting of Local Income Tax

08/30/22 Updated State Board of Accounts Rates and Fees Effective October 1, 2022

03/22/22 Premium Pay for Elected Officials from ARPA Funds

02/10/22 Income Tax Distributions for Certified Shares

01/24/22 Rainy Day Fund and Other Funds Established by Ordinance or Resolution

08/11/21 Audit Position on Libraries Presented as a Component Unit

12/07/20 ACH Payments to State Board of Accounts - Follow up

12/01/20 ACH Payments to State Board of Accounts

09/08/20 Property Taxes Reporting in GASB 34 Financial Statements - Schools and other Governmental Entities

09/08/20 Auditees Identifying Fiduciary Activities in Accordance with GASB 84 - Counties

05/05/20 Memorandum - Annual Highway Operational Report

05/11/20 Fraud Schemes

04/29/20 COVID Grant Accounting and Appropriations

04/27/20 Enhanced Regulatory - Delayed Implementation

Schedule of Regulatory Changes

04/20/20 CARES Act Fund Numbers

04/14/20 Electronic Signatures

04/09/20 Temporary Transfer of Funds

04/03/20 Continuity of Essential Operations

03/31/20 Assistance During COVID-19 

03/16/20 Coronavirus Items to Consider

03/12/20 Policy Regarding Coronavirus

03/10/20 Federal Audit Cost

02/11/20 GAAP Update


12/03/19 County Treasurer Cash Count

10/28/19 Cost of Federal Audits - Schools

06/09/19 Local Match for the Local Road and Bridge Matching Grant Fund

06/05/19 Regulatory Reporting through Gateway and Federal Audit Changes

10/22/15 Public Official Bonds