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Ride Safe Indiana (RSI) is the State of Indiana’s motorcycle safety program within the Bureau of Motor Vehicles. Our mission is to train motorcyclists and educate motorists to decrease motorcycle fatalities and accidents.

Since the inception of the program in 2015, RSI has trained over 25,000 students in entry level, three wheel, and advanced safety and training courses through authorized providers. RSI providers offer the highest quality and most comprehensive motorcycle safety education for new and experienced riders in a continued effort to keep all Hoosiers safe on the road. With the addition of new providers each year, motorcycle safety and training courses are available within 50 miles of all Indiana residents.

Meet the RSI Team

  • Jenna Brown - Support Coordinator

  • Jeff Stokes - Program Director

  • Cassie Bailey - Program Coordinator

  • Mark Connery - Quality Assurance Manager

  • William Hatt - Quality Assurance Agent

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