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Asbestos Online Licensing

Please click on the appropriate link below.  If you have any questions or do not know your license number and password, you can contact the Asbestos Licensing Program at asbnotify@idem.in.gov


  • Contractor Renewal
    Click Contractor Renewal to renew an existing Asbestos Contractor License.


  • First Time Application
    Click First Time Application if you have never held an Asbestos License in Indiana before.
  • Apply for Another License Discipline
    Click Apply for Another License Discipline if you have a current Indiana Asbestos License and you are applying for a license in another discipline. You will need your current license number and password to apply for the new license discipline. Once you have logged in, click Initial Application to continue. 
  • Renewal
    Click Renewal to renew an existing, current license that has not expired. If your license has expired, you cannot use the online renewal process.