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This page is under development and is NOT a complete listing of all Whitley County family history resources available in the Genealogy Division at the Indiana State Library at this time. As new Whitley County family history resources are added, this page will be updated.

Birth Records

Birth Records-Delayed
Volume 1-2, Records Issued 1941-1969
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Death Records

Pence, Mildred, ...Death Records, 1882-1920
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613pe

Pence, Mildred, Index to Death Records...1908-1920.  [1966]  230 pages
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613p

Williamson, Wallace,  Index to Deaths. . . 1882-1906.  [1965]  251 pages
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613w

Marriage Records

Marriage Affidavits
Microfilm, Second Floor

Marriage Applications
Volume 1-8, 1905-1921
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Marriage Records
Volume 1-9, 1864-1925
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

September 1838-1850
The Hoosier Genealogist, volume 19, number 3 (September 1979)
Genealogy Division, 977.2 H789

Marriages, 1838-1900
Microfilm, Second Floor

DAR,...Marriage Records 1838-1860. 1946
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613 1836-1860

Raber, Nellie M., 1891 Marriages, ... 1860 - May 11, 1884. 1973. 412pp.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613 1860-84

Stultz, Marguerite, Marriage Records...April 1891 to September 1898  [1971]  130 pages
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613 1891-98

Stultz, Marguerite, Marriage Records...May 15, 1884-March 27, 1891.  [1967]  95 leaves
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613s

Deed Records

Deed Indexes, 1835-1899
Microfilm, Second Floor

Deed Records
Volume A-Z, 1838-1875
Volume 2-37 (no volume 1), 1875-1901
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

General Deed Index
Volume A-K, 1838-1903
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

General Index Patents
Microfilm, Second Floor

Original Entries, 1835-1853
Microfilm, Second Floor

Railroad Deed Records, Volume 1, 1871-1875
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Harter, Stuart, Original Land Entries...[1981]  12 pages
Genealogy Division, f 977.201 W613h

Gradeless, Donald E., Index to Landowners...1862. [1973] 208 leaves
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613g 1973


Administrators and Executors Reports
Volume 1, 1876-1884
Volume 2 missing
Volume 3, 1888-1895;
Volume 4 missing
Volume 5-8, 1901-1922
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Guardians Final Record
Volume 1, 1913-1931
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Guardians Reports
Volumes 1 and 2 missing
Volumes 3-8, 1886-1922
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Index to Estates and Guardianships
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Partition Record of Estates
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Probate Final Records
Volumes 1-22, 1839-1925
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Probate Order Books
Volume 1, 1839-1852
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Probate Order Books
Volume A-K, 1857-1924
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Probate Order Book Guardian
Volume A-E, 1872-1925
Microfilm, Second Floor

Probates, 1839-1852; Indexes, 1853-1897
Microfilm, Second Floor


Will Records
Volume 1-6, 1839-1928
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Microfilm, Second Floor

Carver, Bernice, Some...will records (1839-1895 incomplete)  [1955]  35 pages
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 W613 no. 3

Pemberton, Dorothy G., Everyname Index to Abstract of Wills...1839-1913 by Nellie Raber  [1979]  53 pages
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613r

Cemetery and Church Records

Indiana Historical Society, Cemetery Records..., 9 parts
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 W613 no. 2

DAR, Grace Lutheran Church, Columbia City, Indiana, its organization, its achievements and
progress in each ministry, published 1892...[1948]  19 pages
Genealogy Division, 977.202 C72g

DAR, Records of Cemeteries...1958-59, 2 parts (part 2, South Park Cemetery)
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613c

DAR, Records of cemeteries ... 1958-59.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613dc

DAR, South Whitley, Cleveland Township, Cemetery....[1967]  185 pages
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613dd

Harter, Stuart, Thorncreek's Eternity Cities  [22]  55l
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613rab

Kite, Marjorie J., Cemetery Inscriptions...[1980?]  107 pages
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613kic

Raber, Nellie M. R., Greenhill Cemetery, Columbia City, Indiana with index  [20]  96 pages
Genealogy Division, 977.202 C72r

Snodgrass, Julia, ...Whitley County, Indiana, Abandoned Pioneer Cemeteries
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613sn

Swan, James Nesbit, 1825-1908.... Eel River Presbyterian Churches. 1852-1860. 67 leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613sw

Williamson, Wallace, ..Cemetery Records  [1949?]  37l
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613wn

Williamson, Wallace, ...Cemetery Inscriptions  [1982?]
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613wc

Court Records

Circuit Court Records, 1839-1900
Microfilm, Second Floor

Common Pleas Records, 1849-1858
Microfilm, Second Floor

Etna Township Record, 1849-1850
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

General Index - Common Pleas
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Miscellaneous Record
Volume A-B, 1857-1887
MiCrofilm, Second Floor

Census Records

Williamson, Wallace,...1840 Census Index,  [1964]  5 pages
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 W uncat. no. 1

Naturalization Records

Doby, Denise. .. Naturalization records, 1856-1929. 1999. 17 leaves.
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613d

Mortuary and Obituary Records

Index to Digest of Obituaries Published in Newspapers of Columbia City, 1856-1910
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613i

Kite, Marjorie J., Obituaries from the South Whitley area, 1885-1930  [19--]  248 pages
Genealogy Division, 977.202 S728k

Tax Records

DAR, First Tax Duplicate...1838, 6pp
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 W613 no. 1

Darlington, Jane E., ...Treasurer's Registers of Receipts for Taxes in 1841
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613da

Tax Duplicate 1838 (The Hoosier Genealogist, no. 5, September-October 1962)
Genealogy Division, 977.2 H789

...Tax Record, 1842  [1969]  169l
Genealogy Division, q 977.201 W613wt

Voter Records

Williamson, W., A list of Voters of Smith Township...1848.  [1965]  2 pages
Genealogy Division, p.f. 977.201 W613  no. 4


....Index of Names of Persons and of Firms  [1978]  93 leaves
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613wa

Gradeless, Donald E., Index to Surname cross reference to Nellie Riley Raber's 
Whitley County obituaries, 1858-1910
Genealogy Division, 977.201 W613ra Index

Many of the records identified on this page were initially selected by Carolynne L. Wendel Miller in her book, Indiana Sources for Genealogical Research in the Indiana State Library, published in 1984 by the Indiana Historical Society.