Substance Use

Identifying Addiction

What Is Chemical Dependency?
Definition and characteristics

Addiction and Recovery
Jellineck, E.M., The Disease Concept of Alcoholism
The Jellinek Curve

Signs and Symptoms in Attorneys
Early and late stages

The Process Of Addiction: An "Emotional" Description
Timothy J. Sudrovech, MA, LCSW, Volume 25, No. 1. Indiana Trial Lawyers Association quarterly journal, The Verdict. Reprinted with permission.

Bumps in the Road
Myer J. (Michael) Cohen, GP | Solo Magazine
Long hours, demanding clients, and inhospitable work environments-it's a guaranteed recipe for stress, burnout, depression, and substance abuse. But the organized bar is fighting back, helping lawyers regain health, save licenses, salvage families, and protect clients.

Identifying Addiction
Carol P. Waldhauser, GP | Solo Magazine
Lawyers can help prevent addiction in their practices, communities, families, and themselves. Here are the basic facts on addiction.

The Dangerous Link Between Chronic Office Chaos, Stress, Depression, and Substance Abuse
Nancy Byerly Jones, GP | Solo Magazine
Last-minute panics, little pre-planning of case strategies, weak leadership, mismanagement of files, high turnover, and frequent client complaints-is this a snapshot of your office? If so, find out how to decrease office chaos and improve morale.

The Lawyer as Counselor: Representing the Impaired Client
Timothy David Edwards, GP | Solo Magazine
A lawyer who represents clients with addiction problems must have a general understanding of addiction, its causes, and its proper treatment.

Growing Old Is Not for the Fainthearted
Kenneth J. Hargreen and Cindy S. Reigle, GP | Solo Magazine
Preventing adverse drug reactions and knowing the risk factors for depression and substance abuse can help older lawyers avoid serious health problems.


Are You an Alcoholic? 20 Questions.
Developed by Johns Hopkins Hospital

Are You an Alcoholic? 20 Further Questions.
Developed by California Lawyers for Their Colleagues

Twenty Questions for Problem Drinkers
Michael Sweeney and Meloney Crawford Chadwick

Self-quizzes to help you better understand the situation, including: (1) Are you troubled by someone's drinking? and (2) Is a family member chemically dependent?
A service of Join Together, a project of the Boston University School of Public Health.


Intervention Tips
What to do and what not to do

When Colleagues Need Help
Ann D. Foster, GP | Solo Magazine
You just found out that a senior associate has a serious cocaine and alcohol problem. What do you, the managing partner, need to do?

Sheriff Bart: "Need any help?" The Waco Kid: "Oh . all I can get ."
- Blazing Saddles
Terry Harrell, J.D., MSW, LCSW, Volume 23, No. 3. Indiana Trial Lawyers Association quarterly journal, The Verdict. Reprinted with permission.

"We're from the Bar, and We're Here to Help You"
John W. Clark Jr., GP | Solo Magazine
Lawyer assistance programs offer a variety of ways to help lawyers with substance abuse, mental health and other problems.

Common Questions for LAPs
Bonnie Waters, Jeff Fortgang, and Nancy Brown, GP|Solo Magazine
Today's LAPs handle more than just alcohol and drug abuse. They can provide answers to dilemmas such as how to overcome procrastination, handle an overbearing boss or partner, and turn around a declining practice.

Love First Website
Intervention for Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Treatment and Recovery

Integrating Treatment into the Justice System
Martha W. Barnett, GP | Solo Magazine
The president of the ABA discusses addiction in the legal profession.

What to Expect at Twelve-Step Meetings
Michael Sweeney, GP | Solo Magazine

Learning what takes place at a program such as AA will allay some anxiety and dispel some illusions about what to expect.

Demystifying 12-Step Programs
Mary Greiner, GP | Solo Magazine
An inside look at 12-step programs, including meeting etiquette, how to find a meeting, and what types of meetings are available.

Getting On with It: Recovery Success Stories
Donald Muccigrosso and Donna L. Spilis, GP | Solo Magazine
Not everyone makes it to the other side, but these lawyers have. Here are their stories.

Managing an Impaired Lawyer's Practice and Files During Recovery
Frederic W. (Fritz) Knaak, GP | Solo Magazine
When contacted by an impaired lawyer or his or her family or colleagues, the Minnesota Lawyers Concerned for Lawyers program coordinates an intervention and keeps the practice on an even keel while the lawyer seeks treatment. More than 30 other states have similar programs.

ABA Listserv for Law Students in Recovery
Communicate confidentially via email with other law students around the country who have dealt with substance abuse.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) - Indiana
Local Resources that provide AA meeting information

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) - Indianapolis
Local information and a link to the AA General Service Office

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) - Central Indiana
Local information and a link to NA Global Services

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) - Indiana Region
Links to NA Indiana Area Services

SMART Recovery®
Assistance with recovery from addictive behaviors