Justice Biographies

Justice Louis B. Ewbank

(Sixty-second Justice)

Justice Ewbank

Justice Ewbank was born September 5, 1864, in Guilford, Indiana, and died March 6, 1953, in Guilford, Indiana.216

He was educated in the Dearborn County Indiana schools and studied law in the offices of William Watson Woollen, beginning in 1891.217

He practiced law in the firm of Hanan, Ewbank, & Hanan in Lagrange, Indiana from 1910 to 1912 and then moved to Indianapolis.218 In 1914, he was elected Marion County Circuit Court Judge, a position he held until 1920 when Governor James P. Goodrich appointed him to the Indiana Supreme Court to fill the vacancy created by the death of Justice Harvey.219 Justice Ewbank was subsequently elected for a six-year term, serving until January 1927.220 In 1927, he returned to private practice at Whitcomb, Ewbank, & Dowden.221 In 1940, he entered a practice with his brother, Richard L. Ewbank.222

He served on the faculty of the old Indiana Law School from 1897 to 1914, and also lectured at the Indiana University School of Law - Bloomington.223 He is noted for the following publications: Manual of Indiana Appellate Practice; Indiana Trial Practice; Indiana Criminal Law (which was known as "the prosecutor's Bible"); Modern Business Corporations (co-author); and Indiana Cumulative Digest (editor from 1904-1914).224

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