Justice Biographies

Justice Edwin Pollock Hammond

(Thirty-fourth Justice)

Justice Hammond

Justice Hammond was born November 26, 1835, in Brookville, Indiana, and died January 27, 1920, in Lafayette, Indiana.323

He moved to Columbus, Indiana, when he was fourteen, and later studied law in Indianapolis.324 In 1857, he was admitted to the senior law class at Asbury (now DePauw) University.325 Hammond was admitted to the Indiana bar in 1858.326

He practiced for two years prior to enlisting in the Union Army during the Civil War.327 After the war, he was appointed a circuit judge and he won election to a full term in 1878.328 He went from his circuit court seat to the Indiana Supreme Court in 1883.329 He sat on the high court from May 14, 1883, until January 6, 1885.330 He returned to private practice briefly, and then served two more years as a circuit judge.331 He was also a trustee of Purdue University.332

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