Justice Biographies

Justice Samuel Barnes Gookins

(Fifteenth Justice)

Justice Gookins

Justice Gookins was born May 30, 1809, in Rupert, Vermont, and died June 14, 1880, in Terre Haute, Indiana.290

He moved to the Terre Haute area in 1823.291 When his mother died, he went to live with another family.292 He learned the newspaper business and from 1834 to 1850 was widely known as a publisher.293

He was defeated in a race for the Indiana Supreme Court in 1852 while he was a member of the Indiana House of Representatives.294 In 1855, he ran again and won.295 He served on the Indiana Supreme Court from October 10, 1854 until December 1857, resigning for reasons of low pay and poor health.296 In 1857, a justice received only $1200 per annum.297

He moved to Chicago, Illinois, and practiced law there until 1875, when he moved home to Terre Haute.298 He published a History of Vigo County in 1880.299

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