ADR Committee


The Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Committee monitors current developments in fields of mediation, private judges, arbitration, and other means of settling lawsuits before and after a civil claim or complaint is filed.  This committee reviews legislation and caselaw affecting ADR, examines Indiana's Alternative Dispute Resolution Rules, and studies improvement suggestions.  The committee recently examined the ethical concerns related to a mediator's role with self-represented litigants, and is currently exploring issues related to foreclosure prevention and settlement conferences, the use of parenting coordinators, and expanding the use of arbitration.  This committee plans to meet approximately three times a year.


Judge David Avery, Chair
Allen Superior Court (Civil)
Fort Wayne

Hon. Elaine B. Brown
Indiana Court of Appeals

Hon. Patrick J. Dietrick
Marion Superior Court

Mag. Keith Doi
St. Joseph Superior Court
South Bend

Hon. Paul Freed
Fayette County

Hon. Alicia Gooden
Marion Superior Court

Hon. David E. Northam
Rush Circuit Court

Mag. Nanette K. Raduenz
Lake Superior Court #3

Hon. John T. Roach
Vigo Superior Court #1
Terre Haute

Mag. Lucas M. Rudisill
Green Circuit/Superior Court

Mag. Stephen Scheele
Lake Circuit Court
Crown Point

Hon. Jeffrey D. Todd
Grant Superior Court #1

Hon. Joseph P. Weber
Clark Circuit Court #3



Staff Contact

Michael Commons, Staff Attorney
Indiana Office of Court Services
Phone:  (317) 232-2542

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