Proposed Rule Amendments: July 2017

Notice of Proposed Rule Amendments by the Indiana Supreme Court, Appellate Technology section for Public Comment

To the Bench, Bar and Public:

Pursuant to Ind. Trial Rule 80, the Indiana Supreme Court Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure has posted the following:

1 Submission of performance measures

The amendment sets forth procedures for reporting performance measures and authorizing new measures.

2 Tax Court amendments

The amendments provide discovery rules, change procedures regarding extensions, and make other changes.

3 Service when fees waived and rejection of filing

The amendment requires the clerk to serve pleadings when fees have been waived and clarifies when pleadings can be rejected by the clerk.

4 Filing and size limits

The amendment makes changes to the size of electronic files and permits electronic filing of Notices of Appeal in Interlocutory Appeals.

Give us your feedback

The Supreme Court invited public comment on these proposed rule amendments through August 2,2017. The comment period is now closed.