Review application

After you have completed all of the steps in the application, you will need to review all the information you provided to the Commission and affirm that the information is correct.

You can also review the documents you uploaded by clicking the links to them on the review page. This is so you can ensure the correct files were provided.

When you click "Submit Application" it may take the site a few minutes to process because it will check to see if you owe any fees related to the application and, if applicable, the attendance reported.

For information about deadlines and fees, see the Commission for CLE website.

About credit hours

When you review your application, the portal will provide you with a summary of what you've submitted and how the math works out when converting minutes to credit hours. However, the Commission does not always approve a course for the exact number of credit hours on the application. You will be alerted to the number of hours approved when you receive the Commission's accreditation decision.