Personal affidavit of attendance

On this screen, confirm the course details and enter the number of minutes you actually attended the course. Then type your name to digitally sign the affidavit.

Minutes attended + minutes presented cannot exceed total minutes

How does the math work?

In Indiana, CLE credit hours are calculated in minutes, and of course 60 minutes = 1 hour.

The total minutes listed for a course are the number of minutes in each category (Regular CLE, Ethics, NLS and Applied Professionalism) that have either been approved or that you are seeking approval for (i.e., if you are applying for accreditation).

A course can be 6 hours and you may have attended all 6 or only 3 of them, so we don't take for granted that you attended the whole course. If you presented for an hour during a 6-hour course, then you couldn't have attended more than 5 of the 6 hours. So we ask you to report in minutes the amount of time you spent attending each part of the course.

If you have questions about how to calculate your credits, contact the Commission for CLE.