Rules for E-filing

For e-filing in a trial court, read Trial Rule 86, which will become effective in a county when the county adopts the e-filing system. See the Trial Rule 86 Implementation Schedule to learn which counties already have optional and/or mandatory e-filing, and for which case types. See the Timeline for Voluntary and Mandatory E-filing to learn when counties that don't already have e-filing plan to adopt the system

 Trial Rule 86 - Electronic filing and service

For e-filing in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeals, read the Rules of Appellate Procedure. Rule 68 specifically covers electronic filing and service. E-filing in existing cases is mandatory for attorneys in these courts beginning July 1, 2016.

 Rules of Appellate Procedure

For e-filing in the Tax Court, read the Tax Court Rules. E-filing in existing cases is mandatory for attorneys in the Indiana Tax Court beginning July 1, 2016.

 Tax Court Rules

The Supreme Court has issued many orders relating to e-filing since May 2014, including rule amendments.

 View all Supreme Court orders regarding electronic filing