New Features on the Clerk's Portal for 2013

Features for Attorneys

Choose public display of address
Attorneys may now choose whether or not to display their business address on the public Roll of Attorneys website.  See Update contact information.

Attorneys as account administrators
Previously, an attorney would need a separate portal account to be an account administrator for another attorney.  Attorneys may now be assigned as account administrators and access their own information and their account holders' information through one account.

If you have two portal accounts--one for your attorney record and one for your account administration of other attorney records--you can take advantage of this feature by doing the following:

  • Sign into the portal account you use for managing your own attorney record.
  • In the upper right corner of the page, you will see a message that says "You are signed in as..." with your portal email account.
  • Ask your account holders to invite you to administer their accounts at that email address.
  • Once invited, when you sign into the portal, you will have pending invitations to accept.
  • Accept the invitations, and you will be able to manage accounts for those attorneys.

See Manage account holders' information.

Features for Account Administrators

Access any account holder's info any time of the year
Previously, an account administrator could only update an attorney's information during the annual registration process.  Now you can do it any time of the year through the "My Account Holders" screen.  See My account holders.