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Compliance Review Program

The division’s Compliance Review Program consists of six troopers specially trained to monitor the performance and compliance of motor carriers based in Indiana with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations.

Various documents, records and files are reviewed at the motor carrier’s principal place of business. Some items reviewed are:

  • Driver qualification files.
  • Vehicle maintenance records.
  • Driver’s hours of service records.
  • Drug and alcohol testing procedures.
  • Various other operational files.

    At the conclusion of the compliance review the carrier receives one of three ratings:

    - Satisfactory
    - Conditional
    - Unsatisfactory

    Fines may be levied against carriers that have critical or serious violations of the safety regulations.

    An in-depth overview of what to expect during a compliance review can be viewed at FMCSA field operations

    Results of some compliance reviews can be at the Safer website.

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