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Career Overview

Troopers begin their careers with road patrol duties, but there are many different career paths within the Indiana State Police.

* Work involves many independent decisions.  Troopers normally perform duties alone, requiring independent judgment to make decisions for unique circumstances.  Some complex problems may arise that require an immediate decision.  Troopers receive general instructions before and during the shift.

* Patrol county, state and federal roads to detect and apprehend criminal and traffic law violators.
* Investigate vehicle crashes.
* Perform a wide variety of courtesy services.
* Make death notifications.
* Attempt to locate motorists and/or other people for the delivery of emergency information.
* Direct and control traffic at disaster scenes, crash sites and special events.
* Render first-aid to people until advanced Emergency Medical Services arrive.
* Conduct criminal investigations.
* Coordinate and assist investigative efforts with the Criminal Investigation Division.
* Testify in criminal and traffic court.
* Prepare and submit evidence in compliance with department standard operating procedures.
* Transport emergency medical supplies, blood, human organs, etc.
* May be selected to serve as a department specialty team member.
* Serve as a Field Training Officer.
* Assist the Federal Aviation Administration in the investigation of aircraft incidents.
* Present law enforcement related public affairs programs.
* Assist the public and all police agencies at any time and in any manner possible.
* Perform other duties as required.

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