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Physical Ability Test

Capitol Police Officers must be able to perform physically demanding job functions to ensure their personal safety, as well as the public’s. Naturally, the higher your level of fitness, the better you will perform the physical job-related tasks.

The Physical Ability Test (PAT) is a critical point in the selection process that easily divides those applicants selected to continue in the process from those who will be eliminated. To successfully pass the PAT, candidates must meet the following standards:

 Vertical Jump  16 inches
 Sit-ups  29 in one minute
 300 Meter Run  71 seconds
 Push-ups  25
 1.5 mile run  16 minutes 28 seconds

Applicants are recommended to begin a fitness lifestyle well before the selection process begins. For specific procedures and proven ways to prepare for the PAT, applicants must read and follow the specific instructions stated within the Physical Ability Testing Procedures & Protocols before taking the PAT.

Applicants must pass the PAT standards early in the process and once again on the reporting day of the Recruit Academy. Maintaining a high level of physical fitness is required throughout the selection process.

Applicants preparing for the PAT are highly encouraged to begin CrossFit. Learn how you can get started at

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