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Bus Inspections

Bus # Inspection Date/Time Inspection Valid Until Inspection Type Inspection Status Violations Inspected By Reports
M54 11/9/2023 11:55:01 AM 9/30/2024 12:00:00 AM Re-Inspection Approved None Steve Spallinger Export Inspection Report
M54 11/9/2023 11:50:00 AM 12/8/2023 11:50:00 AM Registration Ordered Repaired
  • The first aid kit is not complete: One (1) package adhesive bandages; containing a total of sixteen (16) 1" x 3" bandages, 1 roll 1”x5yd, 1 blunt scissor, 6 3x3” gauze pads (sterile), 4 2”x5yd gauze stretch material (nonsterile), 3 oval eye pads (sterile), 2 triangular bandages, 1 instruction.
  • LED type lights have 25% to 49% pixels inoperable in any one light. (NOTE: one letter in the word “STOP” equals one light
Steve Spallinger Export Inspection Report
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