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Trooper William F Kieser

Trooper William F. Kieser

Hometown: Tell City, Indiana
District: Charlestown
Appointed: March 16, 1958
Deceased: March 9, 1965

While cleaning out his patrol car at home, Trooper Kieser heard the Charlestown Post dispatch a unit to Ramsey to investigate a drunk and disorderly complaint. Realizing he was closer, Trooper Kieser radioed that he would take the call. Arriving at the scene, Trooper Kieser spotted the suspect and ordered him to stop. Before Trooper Kieser could get out of his car, the suspect fired shots at him. Trooper Kieser was able to return fire before a bullet struck his hand knocking his gun away. Taking advantage of the situation the suspect fired more shots, killing Trooper Kieser.


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