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  • The Influence of Top Management in Long-Term Care
  • University of Indianapolis: Study of Turnover and Training in Indiana's Long-Term Care Facilities
  • Indiana Healthcare Leadership Conference on Staffing Strategies, Indianapolis, IN, September 17, 2009
    • The ISDH conducted a Healthcare Leadership Conference for nursing homes leadership, long term care provider associations, consumer advocate organizations, and state surveyors. The following are resources and tools provided at the conference:
    • Resources / Tools:
      • Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes
        • Nursing Homes: Resources
        • Top 10 Ideas to Involve All Staff in Advancing Excellence
        • Implementation Guide: Goal 7 - Increasing Staff Retention
        • Implementation Guide: Goal 8 - Improving Consistent Assignment of Nursing Home Staff
      • Advancing Excellence in America's Nursing Homes
        • Implementing Change in Long-Term Care - A Practical Guide to Transformation
      • Texas Nursing Home Quality Initiative Coalition
        • Change Ideas for On-The-Job Support for New Workers
        • Change Ideas for Consistent Assignment
        • Change Ideas for Orientation
        • Workforce Retention
          • Exit Interviews
          • Analyzing and Mapping Turnover
      • Texas Nursing Home Quality Initiative Coalition - Articles
        • Effective Strategies for New Staff Orientation
        • Is High or Low Staff Turnover Characteristic of Your Nursing Home?
        • Effects of Leadership and Management on Staff Turnover
        • Valuing and Respecting Caregivers and Their Needs
        • Basic, Positive Human Resource Policies
        • Motivational Work Organization and Care Practices
        • Sufficient Staff Ratios and Support for High Quality Care
      • Rhode Island Department of Health and Quality Partners of Rhode Island
        • Individualized Care - Project Team Workbook
      • A Presentation to the Institute of Medicine's Committee on the Future Health Care Workforce for Older Americans
        • "Recruitment and Retention of Paraprofessionals" - June 28, 2007
      • Turnover, Retention and Recruitment Articles
        • "Getting to the Bottom of CNA Turnover" - Dr. Jules Rosen
        • "Job Satisfaction of Nurse Aides in Nursing Homes: Intent to Leave and Turnover" - Dr. Nicholas Castle, Dr. John Engberg, Dr. Ruth Anderson, and Aiju Men
        • "Effect of Staff Turnover on Staffing: A Closer Look at Registered Nurses, Licensed Vocational Nurses, and Certified Nursing Assistants" - Bita Kash, Dr. Nicholas Castle, George Naufal, and Dr. Catherine Hawes
        • "Turnover Begets Turnover" - Dr. Nicholas Castle
        • "Staff Turnover and Quality of Care in Nursing Homes" - Dr. Nicholas Castle and Dr. John Engberg
        • "Turnover Reinterpreted - CNAs Talk About Why They Leave" - Dr. Barbara Bowers, Sarah Esmond, and Dr. Nora Jacobson
        • "Determinants of Satisfaction and Turnover Among Nursing Assistants - The Results of a Statewide Survey" - Dr. Sharon Parsons, Dr. William Simmons, Katherine Penn, and Melanie Furlough
      • Human Resources - Articles
        • Top Ten Ways to Retain Your Great Employees - Susan M. Heathfield
        • Nine Recruiting and Selection Tips to Ensure Successful Hiring - Dr. David Meyer
        • Performance Management Process Checklist - Susan M. Heathfield
        • Interview Questions and Answers - Alison Doyle