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Pressure Ulcer Consumer Brochure

The ISDH is pleased to present the ISDH Pressure Ulcer Consumer Brochure.  The brochure was created as part of the Indiana Pressure Ulcer Quality Improvement Initiative.  The brochure was developed based on input from a number of nursing home residents and families participating in the Initiative.  The brochure discusses what pressure ulcers are and how they develop; talks about the impact of a pressure ulcer; and outlines how residents, patients and families can be partners in care with staff.

The ISDH Pressure Ulcer Consumer Brochure was published in April 2009.  Facilities participating in the Indiana Pressure Ulcer Quality Improvement Initiative were provided copies of the brochure at the second learning session and given a presentation on its use. 

Ordering Brochures

The ISDH Pressure Ulcer Consumer Brochure is available to Indiana health care facilities, organizations, and individuals at no cost.  The brochures come in packets of 50 brochures or single copies.  To order brochures, contact Nancy Gilbert of the Indiana State Department of Health at (317) 233-7445 or ngilbert@isdh.in.gov


One of the unique features of the Indiana Pressure Ulcer Quality Improvement Initiative was the inclusion of residents and families in the planning process.  A Consumer Advisory Council was formed to advise the Collaborative Team on resident and family issues related to pressure ulcers.  The residents and families on the Council requested that a consumer brochure be created to provide basic information on the prevention of pressure ulcers.  Consumer Advisory Council members were adamant that the brochure convey the seriousness of pressure ulcers and how quickly they can form.  Members emphasized that most people do not know what a pressure ulcer looks like and therefore cannot assist in identifying potential problems.  As a result, the brochure contains real pictures of pressure ulcers from stage one through stage four.

The development of the ISDH Pressure Ulcer Consumer Brochure was coordinated by Robyn Grant of United Senior Action.  Assisting in the development was Sarah Greene Burger, RN, Coordinator for the Coalition of Geriatric Nursing of the John A. Hartford Institute for Geriatric Nursing at New York University.  Also contributing was Nancy Adams, RN, Director of Health Care Education and Quality, and Sue Hornstein, MSW, Director of Long Term Care, of the Indiana State Department of Health, and Jennifer Bachman, M.Ed., University of Indianapolis Center for Aging & Community.  The brochure was designed by Rick Field, PhD, Cabello Associates. 

The Consumer Advisory Council consisted of the following individuals:

  • Wilma Tuterow, Millers Merry Manor - Chesterfield 
  • Beulah Heise and Donna Kite, Milner Community Health Care Center
  • Ann Schwein, Ann Britton, Sara Smith, Lutheran Community Home
  • Pauline Pierson, Pilgrim Manor
  • Arlene Carter, Millers Merry Manor – Peru
  • Joyce Magner, The Village of Heritage
  • Janie Cloin and Hazel Scott, Gibson General Hospital SNF
  • Mary Harley and Patricia McGee, Heritage Pointe

Using the Pressure Ulcer Consumer Brochure

Nursing homes participating in the Initiative as well as non-participating nursing homes are encouraged to use the brochure in their education and communication efforts.  Council members recommend that staff go over the brochure verbally with nursing home residents and families.  This can be done at a care plan conference.  They also suggest that staff review the pressure ulcer information, or at least part of it, at each care plan conference.