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Information for Locating Radon Professionals

The Lead & Healthy Homes Division (LHHD) has the responsibility of licensing radon testers and mitigators in the State of Indiana, and providing the public of Indiana information about radon and its effects.


Guide to the Radon Testing / Mitigation Process:
Radon Testing / Mitigation Process Guide
For a list of the Indiana-licensed companies to test the level of radon in your home:
Indiana-licensed Radon Primary Testing Professionals List**
Indiana-licensed Radon Secondary Testing Professionals List**
Indiana-licensed Radon Laboratory Testing Professionals List**


For a list of the Indiana-licensed companies to lower the radon levels in your home:
Indiana-licensed Radon Mitigation Professionals List**
**All Indiana Radon Professional lists are current as of September 26, 2018.  In order to ensure that a radon professional's license has not expired, please refer to the Indiana Professional Licensing Association's website for the most up to date information.
Uncertain if you need a Primary Tester, Secondary Tester, or Mitigator?  See here for more information.
Indiana Radon Hotline: 1-800-272-9723
Click here for steps to become licensed in Indiana to test for or to mitigate radon:

Test, Fix, Save a Life

The following information is available on this subject:

Application for Radon Tester/Mitigator License in Indiana State Form 45703 (current version)

The following sites provide additional information about radon:

The following sites provide National Certification that is required prior to obtaining an Indiana Radon Professional license:

The following sites provide information about Indiana and radon prevention.
EPA National Radon Action Month
National Radon Program Services
U.S. EPA Radon page for Indiana (Region 5)
U.S. EPA Radon Map for Indiana
Indiana Median Radon Levels by Township: 2002-2017
Indiana Elevated Radon Tests & Smoking Rate by Township: 2002-2017
U.S. EPA Radon-resistant New Construction
U.S. EPA Indoor airPLUS New Home Certification Program
Radon Informational Video for Medical Professionals
A coupon to purchase a radon test kit can be found here.

To receive a low-cost, radon short-term or long-term test kit, contact:

American Lung Association 

Indiana Radon Program Coordinator:

Contact: Phil Waters at 1-317-234-8604 or pwaters@isdh.in.gov