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Grants Management

Functions of Grants Management

  • Identify grant opportunities
  • Cooperate with program areas to increase funding possibilities
  • Serve as a project manager for the application process
    • Coordinate grant activities
      • Identify grant partners outside/ inside of ISDH
      • Secondary Point of Contact for funding body
      • Facilitate communication between ISDH leadership, program areas, finance staff, information technology and grants management staff
    • Coordinate grant processes through the various stages
      • Drafting of materials
      • Review of application and technical assistance  
      • Final packaging
      • Submission to Funding Entity
  • Pursue relationships with key partners resulting in increased funding opportunities
  • Serve to assist strategic planning
  • Identify ways to streamline pre and post-award activities
  • Track grant functions using grant database
  • Generate grant reports
  • Serve as the primary point of contact for the State Office of Federal Grant Procurement (OFGP)
  • Function as process expert on all ISDH grants and grant related activities

What is the Federal Funding and Transparency Act?

September 26, 2006, the Federal Funding Accountability and Transparency Act (FFATA) became Public Law 109-282. This law requires the disclosure of entities receiving federal funding; dictated by this law is the creation of “single search” website containing recipient information, amount of award, geographic information of recipient, unique identifier, and scope of data. For additional information, please consult the following website: Federal Funding and Transparency Act.

Information and Funding Reports


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Grants Management
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