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Rail-Highway Crossing Program

Section 130 is the common name for the federal highway-rail grade crossing safety improvement fund, which is a special set-aside component of the HSIP. This is of particular importance in Indiana, which has more at grade public rail-highway crossings than all but four other states. The Section 130 program identifies and upgrades safety devices at the at grade public rail-highway crossings in Indiana most at risk for crashes with road users.

However, more than half of the at grade public crossings already have train-activated warning devices, but too often motorists pay little or no attention or blatantly disregard warning devices at highway-rail crossings. Motorists may drive across rail crossings day after day and rarely see a train, only to be surprised when encountering one. Many deadly highway-rail accidents could be avoided if drivers would follow the posted warning devices. In the case of a crossing marked only with crossbucks and a yield or stop sign, slow or stop and look both ways before driving over a rail crossing.

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