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INDOT Technology Helpdesk Scenarios

The INDOT Technology Helpdesk is your first and only stop for all IT and Communications Technology support. Please review the scenarios below and select the one that best describes your request. Follow the simple steps in the scenario and support will be quickly on its way to getting you back working as soon as possible.

How To Business

Scenario 1 - Need "How To" Assistance, Instruction or TrainingIf it is not a technical problem but a question on how to use the application:
Contact the Application Business Owner

Scenario 2 - Needing to Request Additional Functionality in an Application
If you are not able to complete work efficiently due to missing functionality, missing pick list values, and so on.
Contact the Application Business Owner

Technical Support

Scenario 3 - Unable to Connect or Access an Application/System
If you are having connection problems, Citrix issues, or login/password issues:
Contact the IOT Helpdesk

Scenario 4 - Application or System error message appears
If you are in an application and receiving error messages, crashes, locks up, or the system is not responding in the expected fashion:
Contact the IOT Helpdesk

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