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Geotechnical Engineering Division

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The Geotechnical Engineering Division is responsible for performing geotechnical investigations and providing recommendations for the design and construction of roadways and structures for INDOT. Geotechnical investigations include soil borings, sampling, testing, and engineering analyses. Geotechnical investigations evaluate the subsurface conditions in order to provide recommendations for a suitable and economical foundation design.

This division is also responsible for the review of geotechnical reports prepared by geotechnical consultants for local agency projects on the National Highway System and state routes.

The Geotechnical Engineering Division handles all matters related to Geotechnical Engineering for INDOT. These matters may include:

  • Structure Foundation: Pile driving systems, proof testing of rock, light weight fill, integrity testing, etc.
  • Embankment: Light weight cellular concrete, reinforced earth, shale, use of waste products, slope stability, etc.
  • Mechanically Stabilized Earth (MSE) Walls: Design and review
  • Ground Modification: Stone columns, lime/cement/fly ash, dynamic compaction, grout injection, etc.
  • Landslide: Investigation, monitoring, and correction
  • Geosynthetic Materials: Geogrids and geotextiles
  • Other issues: Including sinkholes, mine subsidence, retention/detention pond, peat/marl problem, erosion control, instrumentation, settlement.
  • Standard Specifications and Special Provisions for geotechnical issues

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