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Bridge Inspection

There are more than 18,900 bridges in Indiana. INDOT owns and maintains more than 5,700 of these bridges, with a total surface area of more than 50 million square feet. The Bridge Inspection Office is the source for bridge inventory and inspection data for both state-owned and county-owned bridges in Indiana. The office oversees all aspects of the bridge inspection process to ensure the state and counties meet all federal regulations relating to the National Bridge Inspection Standards (NBIS).

The state and counties must meet all the federal regulations, including NBIS regulations, in order to remain eligible to receive federal bridge funds needed to conduct work on eligible bridges.

In addition, the section oversees all bridge inspector's qualifications and training, INDOT statewide inspection contracts, and INDOT's underbridge Inspection machines.

The Bridge Inspection Office is responsible for generating and submitting Indiana's annual submission of bridge data to the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). The FHWA uses this data to maintain its National Bridge Inventory database (NBI). Indiana's NBI Data is submitted by April 1 each year and contains updated inspection and inventory information on all bridges. The information from this data submittal is used by the FHWA to determine sufficiency ratings, structural adequacy, and eligibility to use Federal Bridge Funds.

Contact Information

Anthony Marino, P.E.
INDOT Statewide Bridge Inspection Program Manager
16601 Boyle Lane
Evansville, IN 47725
(812) 681-1032

Bridge Inspection Policy

FHWA National Tunnel Inspection Program Compliance Review Manual

Tunnel Inspection Policy

Indiana Total Asset Management System (iTAMS)

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Historic Bridge Information Database

The Cultural Resources Office is pleased to announce that INDOT has a new Historic Bridge Information application available through INDOT's Technical Application Pathway (ITAP). It is an upgraded version of the database that was developed by INDOT's consultant as part of the Indiana Historic Bridge Inventory.

If not already an ITAP user, to gain access to ITAP, follow the instructions in the ITAP Quick Start Guide. Within ITAP, you must request access to the Historic Bridge Information application via the Enroll New Application function (found under the Menu in the top left corner and/or under the Action Links on the right side of the page). After enrollment, the Historic Bridge Information database will appear in the list of applications on the ITAP dashboard as "Historic Bridge." A user manual is located within the application via the Help button in the top right corner. Please direct any questions to Mary Kennedy, Historic Bridge Specialist, at 317-694-3607.

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