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Location: County Road Over Number Other Location Information
Jackson CR 300 S Rider Ditch Bridge 154 0.82 miles east of CR 840 E
Statistics: Owner Length Width Year Built Type
Jackson Co. 90 feet 16 feet 1910 Pratt Pony Truss
Builder: unknown Status: Pending
Comments: Reconstructed in 1992. A temporary repair was completed consisting of wire rope and turnbuckles used to stabilize the structure. On the south side of the structure, at the west end, vandals have removed the bottom chord I-bar aling one panal. Jackson County Bridge #154, a steel Pratt pony truss which carries East County Road (CR) 300 South across Rider Ditch wsa built in 1910. The bridge is eligible for the National
Register of Historic Places and has been determined “Non-Select” for preservation per the Programmatic Agreement Regarding Management and Preservation of Indiana's Historic Bridges. The status of this bridge is currently “pending,” which means that its future is currently unknown as the Section 106 historic review process is on-going. Depending on the outcome of Section 106 consultation, interested parties may be able to acquire the bridge. Jackson County is now accepting proposals for the rehabilitation and reuse, or the storage and future reuse of the bridge. Proposals will also be accepted for the salvage of elements of the bridge.
Contact: Name E-mail Address Phone
Luella Beth Hillen bethh@metricenv.com Metric Enviromental, LLC 
6971 Hillsdale Court
(317) 218-4728

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