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Internal Affairs

Internal Affairs  is responsible for developing and managing programs designed to ensure compliance with state and federal laws, policies, procedures and regulatory standards. Internal Affairs performs audits, reviews and investigations of contractors, consultants, vendors, and department personnel to verify costs, investigate alleged wrongdoing and suspected fraud, evaluate the adequacy of controls and develop recommendations for improvements to processes and procedures. Audits and investigations that identify potential criminal activity are referred to the appropriate law enforcement agencies for criminal prosecution.

Through its two sections: Internal Audit and Investigations, Internal Affairs maintains an effective monitoring and reporting system and prevents, detects and identifies trends, improprieties and irregularities throughout the department, promoting loss control and improved operational efficiency thus enhancing the public trust.

To report fraud, waste, abuse, and/or misconduct by contractors, consultants, vendors, and/or personnel or if you have any questions/comments contact information is below:

Contact Information

Ed King - Director
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 730
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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