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Bridge Asset Management Office

Established to comply with 1991 ISTEA legislation mandating state DOTs to devote personnel and resources to develop and implement processes and applications to analyze bridge data, INDOT’s Bridge Asset Management Office recommends cost-effective projects for improving INDOT’s bridge network. Office activities and recommendations include reports on bridge network conditions and recommended alternatives and policies to enhance bridge conditions at project and network levels.


The Bridge Asset Management Office functions include, but are not limited to, the following activities:

  • Bridge data analysis using Bridge Management System (BMS) software tools, such as Deighton Transportation Infrastructure Management System.
  • Develop criteria to analyze bridge data for evaluating bridge condition.
  • Continually monitor and report on conditions of INDOT bridge assets.
  • Develop and recommend policies to enhance the bridge network conditions.
  • Develop and/or update the current models in the BMS to forecast statewide bridge network needs with estimated costs.
  • Prepare bridge condition annual report.
  • Interact with key partners including FHWA, consultants, research institutions and others to advance the bridge issues.
  • Affect individual bridge or large culvert projects by providing support in the data analysis, project identification, and development process.
  • Chair the INDOT Bridge Asset Management Team in Bridge & Large Culvert Project Selection and Prioritization Process.

Contact Information

Adam Post, P.E.
Manager - Bridge Asset Management & Program Engineering
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 642
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Jaffar G. Golkhajeh, P.E. 
Bridge Engineer
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 642
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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