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New Heavy Haul Road Can Take the Weight

June 2022

INDOT shows that it is in it for the long haul by committing to projects years ahead of time. INDOT also in it for the heavy haul, evidenced by the mid-December opening of the Heavy Haul Transportation Corridor (HHTC) in Clark County.

The HHTC provides a direct connection for heavy haul trucks to transport heavy loads between the River Ridge Commerce Center and the Ports of Indiana at Jeffersonville via State Road 265 and Old Salem Road. The two-lane corridor is designed to heavy haul standards to withstand vehicle weights up to 134,000 pounds — or 67 tons. For comparison’s sake, a Boeing 737 loaded with fuel weighs a paltry 130,000 pounds.

The heavy haul road will be more durable — featuring 14½-inch-thick pavement over a lime-stabilized subgrade with 13-foot lanes and 11-foot outside shoulders — and won’t degrade as quickly as if the same heavy loads were carried on normal roads. Also, semitrailer drivers will be able to transport oversized or overweight cargo on the road without the need for a permit.

This easier access will help spur additional economic growth and opportunities in the area. Heavy haul traffic has grown since the opening of the Lewis and Clark Bridge in 2016. More heavy haul vehicles were becoming intermingled with local traffic on nearby roads, including S.R. 62, Charlestown Pike, and Utica Pike. With the opening of the HHTC, drivers of these large trucks will now be able to avoid the roundabouts on S.R. 62, as well.

Although mostly trucks will use the corridor, some motorists will also see benefits. The route provides a shorter commute for port workers, and residents nearby now have a shorter route to I-265 and the Lewis and Clark Bridge.

The project was a collaborative effort between INDOT, the Port Authority, River Ridge Development Authority, Jeffersonville Redevelopment Department, Clark County Commissioners & Legal Administration, Kentuckiana Regional Planning and Development Agency, and the Indiana Economic Development Corp.

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