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  • Lightning-Strike Victim Educates INDOT Workers About Dangers

    This INDOT employee uses Lightning Safety Week to educate and prevent others from being struck.

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  • Old INDOT Building Now a Popular Brewery/Restaurant

    The last two employees with ties to a subdistrict building that was sold by INDOT in 1996 visit for the first time in 27 years. The building is now an eatery, but the owners kept much of the building’s past charms.

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  • West African Engineers Travel to Indiana to Learn from INDOT

    Twelve transportation professionals from the Ivory Coast travel 5,600 miles to learn from INDOT employees

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  • The Butterfly Effect: INDOT Recognized for Helping Monarchs

    INDOT is helping ensure the wondrous flight of the monarch butterfly.

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Of All Things Peanut Butter, Toast, and Asphalt

What if our roads were made of peanut butter? This gooey concept, and more realistic ones, were pondered at the 14th annual INDOT Hot Mix Asphalt Certified Field Supervisor Program.

Construction Conferences Rock!

Construction, construction, what’s your function? This take off on the old “Schoolhouse Rock” song is a suitable earworm for INDOT’s annual construction conferences, which take place in late winter.

New Drill Rig Aids Geotech Team

A huge drill rig operated by INDOT’s Geotechnical Engineering Division is so productive, even during difficult jobs, that INDOT workers gave it a nickname.

New Heavy Haul Road Can Take the Weight

INDOT shows that it is in it for the long haul by committing to projects years ahead of time. INDOT also is in it for the heavy haul, illustrated by the opening of a Heavy Haul Transportation Corridor in Clark County.

Lightweight Material Provides Construction Alternative

INDOT recently used geofoam — a lightweight, geosynthetic fill material — on an interstate project. INDOT pioneered the use of geofoam in 1995 to international fanfare but has used it only in certain situations since.

INDOT Staffer Named One of Indiana’s Rising Stars

Indiana industry group names Andrea Zimmerman as one of Indiana’s 30 rising stars under age 30.

BY Roads Program Leads Students to INDOT

Adults learn directly from industry professionals to secure jobs in highway construction.

INDOT Worker Risks His Life in Rescue Attempt

Employee receives State Medal of Valor for his actions.

Wild Hog Runs Hog-Wild Along I-65

INDOT crews save “athletic and strong willed” porker from potential pileup.

Female Scientists Are Key Parts of INDOT’s Equation

How did they end up at INDOT and what do they do?

INDOT Employees Receive Recognition

Four staffers lead key transportation efforts.

INDOT Puts the ‘Power’ Into Power Lunches

Webinars are helpful to certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprise firms.

INDOT Distributes Bike Helmets to Children Across the State

INDOT is passing out thousands of bike helmets at elementary schools across the state to help ensure the safety of young cyclists.

District’s New Exhibit Honors Those with Military Service

An INDOT district is honoring district employees who are veterans or current service members with a Military Wall of Honor.

INDOT Worker Saves Trapped Woman

INDOT Seymour District highway technician Todd Fisher saved a woman who was trapped in a sinking car in Lake Lemon near Bloomington.

INDOT Employees’ Innovations Are Recognized

Twelve winning employee ideas for improving INDOT’s processes and projects have been recognized.

INDOT Tests Snowplow Simulator

Simulators could eventually be used to help train plow drivers.

How Much Salt Is in the Barn? Now INDOT Has a Better Way to Tell

New system more accurately gauges how much salt is stored in INDOT buildings.

Research Projects Earn National Honors

Pedestrian crossing and bridge projects further transportation efficiency, safety

INDOT Opens State’s First Displaced Left Turn

The intersection of U.S. 31 and Thompson Road in Indianapolis improves traffic flow and safety.

INDOT Tests Orange Pavement Markings

INDOT has tested orange pavement markings in work zones with promising results.

INDOT Tests Ultra-High Performance Concrete

With one successful project in the books, INDOT is ready to test Ultra-High Performance Concrete for a second time.

INDOT Employees Win Innovation Competition

Five winning ideas will improve INDOT activities and safety.

INDOT Goes High-Tech to Replace Old Bridge

The present met the past in Jennings County this summer, as INDOT replaced a 115-year-old railroad bridge with the help of cutting-edge aerial mapping and modeling techniques.

Contrast Markings to Give Interstate Segments a New Look

Black markings on concrete are part of the updated INDOT Indiana Design Manual.

Lightweight Material Provides Construction Alternative

INDOT recently used geofoam — a lightweight, geosynthetic fill material — on an interstate project. INDOT pioneered the use of geofoam in 1995 to international fanfare but has used it only in certain situations since.

‘Snowmageddon’ Conference Preps INDOT for Worst-Case Winter Scenarios

To enhance INDOT’s response to winter storms, the agency coordinated “Snowmageddon,” a tabletop exercise attended by 44 local, county, and state agencies and companies in early October.

INDOT Combats Rare Statewide Winter Storm  

In a rare winter storm that wreaked havoc on all of Indiana, dumping 17 inches of snow in some spots and nearly a half-inch of ice in others, INDOT pulled out all the stops to combat the snow and ice on our roadways.

INDOT Helps Document Historic Gristmill

Attraction in Spring Mill State Park will be restored, thanks to INDOT’s help.

Updated Strategic Highway Safety Plan Aims for Fewer Deaths

Analysis of 10 years of data results in emphasis areas and action plans.

Railroad Crossing Puts Businesses on the Right Track

A surprising discovery leads to a rare occurrence.

Forget Cowboys and Cowgirls: INDOT Hosts Its Own ‘Roadeos’

Snowplow competitions mimic real situations and prepare snow plow drivers.

Updated Traffic Statistics Provide a Gamut of Information

INDOT’s Office of Traffic Statistics has published several traffic data resources and updated many with 2021 data.

INDOT Receives Worldwide Attention

INDOT has gone global! Professionals from six continents learn about our initiatives and projects as INDOT is the featured agency at an international bridge conference.

INDOT Is a Driving Force in New CDL Training Program

New commercial driver’s license operators at departments of transportation from across the United States have begun participating in a standardized national training program, and they have INDOT to thank.

INDOT Hosts 3 Major Multistate Conferences

INDOT is a highly collaborative state agency, as illustrated by its hosting of three large multistate conferences held in Indianapolis this fall.

INDOT Podcast Provides Valuable Information, Insights

Podcasts are booming, and INDOT is riding the wave with its own podcast, “On the DOT."

Employees Train to Identify Wetland Boundaries

Armed with shovels, soil augers, and measuring devices, INDOT staffers explore wooded areas to identify the boundaries of adjacent wetlands – part of their job in protecting Indiana’s environment.

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