Preservation Initiative

INDOT is making record investments to preserve and maintain Indiana’s existing roads, bridges and infrastructure.

INDOT’s priorities are “Take care of what we have,” “Finish what we started,” and “Plan for the future.” These priorities reflect the wishes of Indiana taxpayers, who said in 2011, 2013 and 2015 surveys that repairing and maintaining existing highways and bridges – taking care of what we have – are the most critical items for INDOT. A heightened focus on preserving existing transportation assets also represents the best use of taxpayer dollars.

In Fiscal Years 2017-21, INDOT plans to invest:

  • More than $3.2 billion on pavement and bridge preservation - a 67 percent increase from the amount spent on preservation in FYs2012-16. This included:
    • More than $1.75 billion on pavement preservation, a 43 percent increase over the amount spend in FYs 2012-16
    • More than $1.48 billion on bridge preservation - a 111 percent increase over the amount spent in the preceding four fiscal years

Regularly scheduled preservation and maintenance activities preserve and protect INDOT pavement and bridges, extending the life of these assets, and ensuring the safety of motorists. 

Pavement Preservation

Pavement preservation activities include resurfacing, crack sealing, chip sealing, pothole repair and storm water drainage maintenance. Benefits of pavement preservation include smoother ride, fewer construction delays, better appearance, greater value, lower taxpayer cost, and improved safety.

Preservation and maintenance activities represent a significant savings to taxpayers as reconstructing a road in poor condition can cost as much as 10 times more than work needed to keep a road in good condition. 

INDOT manages and maintains more than 11,000 centerline miles of interstate highways, U.S. highways, or state routes in Indiana.

  • More than 89 percent of INDOT pavement is rated in fair or better condition.
  • Since 2012, INDOT has completed or started 295 projects to replace, resurface or patch more than 2,100 centerline miles of Indiana roadways.
  • In FYs 2012-16, INDOT maintenance crews chip sealed more than 7,400 lane miles of pavement and crack sealed more than 30,300 lane miles of pavement.

​Bridge Preservation

INDOT bridge preservation activities are designed to prevent, delay, or mitigate deterioration. Preservation activities include inspection, cleaning, bridge deck overlay, and substructure or superstructure repair. Benefits include a reduction in the number of bridges, large culverts, and small culverts with key condition ratings varying from good/fair to poor, and an overall increase in the percentage of bridges, large culverts, and small culverts with condition ratings of fair or better.

  • INDOT owns and maintains approximately 5,700 bridges across Indiana. Each bridge requires major rehabilitation every 15 to 20 years.
  • Since FY 2012, the percentage of INDOT bridges rated as fair or better has increased from 91.8 percent to 94.7 percent.
  • Between FY 2012 and FY 2016, the percentage of INDOT-maintained bridges rated as structurally deficient decreased by more than 38 percent.
  • In FY 2016, less than 4 percent of all INDOT-maintained interstate, U.S. highway, or state route bridges were rated as structurally deficient.
  • INDOT invested $570 million to build, rehabilitate, or replace more than 1,680 bridges between January 2012 and June 2016.

Local Infrastructure Investment​.

  • Between 2012 and 2016, INDOT invested $725 million in 632 projects to build, replace or repair local roads and bridges.
    • ​This amount includes $588 million in 335 projects to rehabilitate or replace local roads, and $137 million to build, rehabilitate or replace 297 local bridges

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