Sponsor-A-Highway Program

INDOT’s Sponsor-A-Highway Program offers opportunities to enhance Indiana’s roadways by sponsoring the litter control of segments of interstate highways. Sponsoring entities and individuals hire a vendor, a private litter control company that has been approved by INDOT to perform highway litter control in the name of the sponsors.      

Litter removal on each segment is performed by litter control vendors at least 12 times per year. Each sponsor will be acknowledged by a sign with a recognition panel that will be placed at the beginning of the highway segment sponsored. 

Litter control vendors pick up litter along assigned roadway segments. Vendors are issued district-wide permits for the performance of such services in minimum segments of one mile on a “first come, first serve” basis. In areas where there is a grassy median as part of the segment, the area included extends from the edge of pavement to the middle of the median in both directions of travel. If the median has a concrete barrier wall, it is not included.

INDOT and Indiana’s motorists will benefit from the program by having litter removal performed for free. Sponsors benefit by having their company’s logo advertised on an acknowledgment sign.

INDOT truly appreciates the investment of our sponsors and their support of a cleaner Indiana.

How to Sponsor-A-Highway

Taking part in the Sponsor-A-Highway program is easy, quick and helps to provide customers and taxpayers with a clean and representable highway system. The steps below are the best path to sign up for the program:

  1. Take a look at the active segment map to note which location you might prefer that would be available on the Central Indiana interstate system.
  2. Contact one of the vendors below to receive an official quote, as pricing models may differ. Working with the vendor, you have an opportunity to choose a sign and request a location.
  3. Once terms are agreed to between the vendor and the prospective sponsor, a sign will be placed and the vendor will begin monthly litter pick-up along the chosen roadway. The policy that vendors must abide by is explained in-depth in the ‘Sponsor-A-Highway Policy’ link below.
  4. INDOT will update the segment map with your sponsorship and ensure that recognition is appropriately received!

Sponsor-A-Highway Vendor Companies

INDOT has approved two companies to provide litter control as part of the Sponsor-A-Highway program. Please contact one of these providers if your are interested in sponsoring a segment.

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Contact Information  

To inquire about Sponsor-a-Highway, please email eastcentralin@indot.in.gov

Matt Kraushar
Roadside Services Coordinator
Indiana Department of Transportation
100 N. Senate Ave., IGCN 901
Indianapolis, IN  46204

Christopher Myers
Communications Director, Greenfield District
Indiana Department of Transportation
32 South Broadway
Greenfield, IN 46140