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Jail Officers

The minimum 40-hour Jail Officer’s Course is another part of the Academy’s ongoing mandatory training. The partnership between the Indiana Law Enforcement Training Board and the Indiana Sheriff’s Association was formed to ensure that all jail officers from county sheriff’s departments throughout Indiana receive and successfully complete the jail officer training within a year of their appointment date.

In addition, the Law Enforcement Training Board has approved career centers and post-secondary education facilities to teach the course in their current criminal justice program. The areas of classroom discussion include, but are not limited to: legal considerations from intake to release, jail security, medical considerations, suicide prevention, abnormal behavior in inmates, admissions and booking, stress management, and the Indiana Department of Corrections procedures and relationships to inmates in jails.
The course is design to provide new jail officers with the basic knowledge necessary to allow them to function in their facilities and is intended to be supplemented by annual in-service training provided by their respective departments.

Furthermore, this course will enable career center and post-secondary students’ the basic knowledge for a jail facility and already be in compliance, if hired as a jail officers by a county sheriff’s department.

The criteria to become an LETB Approved Jail Officer site to teach the Jail Officer’s forty (40) hour certified training course for County Sheriff’s departments, career center and post-secondary education sites is as follows:

A request must be submitted on departmental letterhead from the Sheriff or career center/post-secondary Program Director or Executive Director to become an LETB Approved site. The ILEA’s OIC of the Jail course will conduct an on-site inspection of the requesting agency’s training area. If the requesting agency meets the following requirements, the Executive Director of the ILEA will submit their request at the next Law Enforcement Training (LETB) meeting for approval.


  1. Adequate seating and work area for writing and note-taking.
  2. Adequate lighting, heating/air conditioning for conducive learning environment, along with sufficient ventilation to provide proper air circulations.
  3. Adequate parking and easy accessibility to the inside of the agency.
  4. Learning environment free from foot traffic, phone calls, and other distractions.
  5. Restroom facilities for men and women.
  6. Non-smoking and tobacco use in classroom and indoor training.
  7. Chalkboard, whiteboard or paper easel present and available.
  8. Computer and projector to support PowerPoint and videos.

It is highly recommended for approval that the requesting agency has an LETB Instructor on staff, preferably a Senior / Master Instructor as the Officer-in -Charge (OIC)

The following will be taken into consideration for career centers and post-secondary  facilities:

  1. Valid Indiana Workplace Specialist License
  2. Education
  3. Experience in law enforcement and/ Jail/DOC.

For additional information you can contact Ron Allen at or  317-837-3230.