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COVID-19 Information and Training

New! - The COVID-19 & Overdose Crises: Protecting Those Who Serve

Indiana Law Enforcement Academy Training

September 21, 2020 11:00am to 1:30pm (via Zoom)
Cost: FREE!

COVID-19 risks, the overdose crisis, fraught community relations, looming budget cuts: law enforcement is facing unprecedented levels of stress and scrutiny.

Training Goals: This SHIELD training will provide officers and departments with operational strategies and best practices to:

  1. Protect you from occupational risks to your and your families’ safety and health.
  2. Improve your job satisfaction by offering strategies to reduce the increasing burdens of toxic stress, trauma, and burnout during these uncertain times.
  3. Expand your toolbox to help you respond more effectively to the public health challenges of the COVID-19 and overdose crises.
  4. Strengthen police-community relations as a benefit of using these strategies.

Register for this course now through ACADIS.

COVID-19 Roll Call Training

Access All Video Links Below:

1.  Covid-19 Briefing #1 – Jack Ryan 
Law Enforcement Operations during COVID-19 State of Emergency- A reasonable response

2. Covid-19 Briefing #2 – Jack Ryan 
United States Center for Disease Control Recommendations for Law Enforcement

3. Covid-19 Briefing #3 – Jack Ryan 
Law Enforcement: Contamination/Decontamination/Cleanliness/Hygiene-Vehicles/WorkStations: Best Practices for Avoiding Exposure

4. Covid-19 Briefing #4 – Jack Ryan 
The Application of HIPAA to information sharing between health care providers and public safety so that exposures can be avoided or minimize—Based off the United State Department of Health and Human Services/Office of Civil Rights Recommendations/Commentary

5. Covid-19 Jail Safety Considerations – Tracey Reed  
Planning for the Impact of Covid-19 in Your Jail

6. Commissioner Parker and Dr. Williams COVID-19 Update  

7. Coronavirus Covid-19 Corrections March 10, 2020  

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Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program and COVID-19

With the recent outbreak of the novel coronavirus disease, or COVID-19, America’s law enforcement officers, firefighters, and other first responders face a new health risk as they continue to selflessly serve their communities.

Go to the Bureau of Justice Assistance site to learn about the Public Safety Officers' Benefits Program - Coronavirus/COVID-19 Update.