Applications, Guidance, & Documents



The SRF Loan Program uses many of the following guidance documents and forms. Once a community has applied to the SRF Loan Program, a project pre-planning meeting will be arranged to discuss the SRF Loan Program Process.

Asset Management Program (AMP)

IFA wants to thank the members of ACEC for the collaboration on the creation of the AMP guidance documents.

General Program Guidelines Documents

Preliminary Engineering Report (PER) Guidance and Documents

Environmental Guidance and Documents

Financing Guidance and Documents

Compliance - Bidding and Contracts

General Bidding Guidance

Compliance Forms

Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Rule

Forms and Contract Provisions
DBE Reporting
  • DBE Reporting is required of Equivalency projects on an annual basis.   
  • U.S. EPA DBE Utilization Under Federal Grants, Cooperative Agreements and Interagency Agreements Form and Instructions - U.S. EPA Form 5700-52A

Davis-Bacon Wage Requirements

Green Project Reserve (GPR) Sustainability Incentive

American Iron and Steel Requirements (AIS)